Nov 21, 2017 @ 10:47

A fashion film that makes you want to party like it’s 1900!

Fashion Film - Sentinelle - inspired by the Russian monarchy in the 1900’s

A fashion film that’s inspired by the Russian monarchy in the 1900’s and how some members of the royal family flew and survived the massacre.

Directed by: Patricia Arzimanoglou
Director of Photography: Rony Portillo
Music Composer: Brian Levi
Editor: Andrew Seger
Colorist: Nam Tram

Creative Director: Anthony Friend
Hair Stylist: Sharon Blain
Assistant: Julie Hagney
Wardrobe: Rod Novoa
Make up: Marla Belt
Manicure: Tracy Lee Percival

Set Design: Studio 37 | NYC

Starring: Sylwia Plochocka, Kate Kososhkina, Alle Johnson

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