Ra.. Ra.. Ranthambore

Apr 25, 2018 @ 01:31

Follow photographer Natasha Hemrajani, as she combs the dense forest of Ranthambore in search of the Tiger.

“Some of the animals I met in Ranthambore. If only real tigers could be lured by tuna sandwiches..”

+Peacock at Dawn


+Dear and Dearest


+Inexplicable bounty of deer skulls, found outside the forest tea-stop.


+Tiny Black Bird


+We sneaked into the forest from a forbidden gate.
These frozen beauties amidst the dappled sunlight
were so alluring. Leopard-tiger encounter be damed. 


+Good Morning Sunshine


+Marabou stork.. nightmare? Couldn’t help the Irvine Welsh free association. What happened to him anyway?


+Mr. Ajay Nilgai


+A forest warden on his usual beat all he had to protect himself from a possible tiger was that wooden stick. Respect. 


+Dawn at lake.. like Eden, untouched.


+Anxious Bambi


+Entangled antlers
+Unamused Langur


+And so I never met the tiger but I did end the day with.. Hosho! The loveliest part of my forest adventure.

Images and Text by : Natasha Hemrajani @natashahemrajani

Last modified: April 27, 2018