When Glitter Is Your Super Power

Oct 13, 2018 @ 11:01

Artist in focus: Aadam Sheikh, the London College of Fashion student whose Instagram handle gives you your daily dose of shine.

+ British Vogue – Oprah, Red dress
+ L’officiel Hommes Polska, Daisy boys

currentMood: How did you get interested in making collages?

Aadam Sheikh: I’ve been in love with collages since my GCSEs as it’s when I really used them to communicate my messages. Post that I realised what a fabulous tool it is! Since then, it’s always been my first choice for artwork.


cM: Tell us about your creative process – how long does it usually take you to finish an image?

AS: My creative process differs depending on the image I want to create. Sometimes it takes me around 10 minutes because the rhythm just flows. It can also take me over an hour, I like to experiment with my work so I can’t really clock it.

+ British Vogue – Cara Delevingne, Modern Romance
+Vogue Mexico – Bella Hadid, Palm Queen

cM: What’s the best part about using glitter as a medium?

AS: It always attracts attention and stands out. No matter how you use it. I love how bold it is.


cM: Tell us about the collage that’s gone viral?

AS: I wouldn’t say that my work has gone viral, but I recently worked with Adidas Originals for the Falcon launch with Kylie Jenner who posted a piece I made for her and that got a lot of attention. Unfortunately, the attention wasn’t drawn to me as I wasn’t credited on the post but seeing all the love for it was still amazing. Always credit the artist!

+ Harper’s Bazaar – Taylor Swift, White Hat
+ GQ – Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, Love

cM: What inspires you?

AS: My inspiration literally comes from everywhere and anything. In regards to my glitter work, I always tend to be inspired by the subject of the collage. It’s their spirit and character that makes me want to bring them into my world.


cM: What’s next?

AS: It will all be revealed when the times comes…

+ Travis Sott, Off-White
+ Wonderland Magazine- Jourdan Dunn, Furry Queen

Follow Aadam Sheik’s work on Instagram:@aadam_sheikh

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