An interview with Meet Kamdar Avlani, the jewellery designer behind the eponymous brand, Kamdaravlani

An Interview With Jewellery Designer Meet Kamdar Avlani

Mar 4, 2020 @ 12:13

Everything you need to know about Kala Ghoda’s newest fine jewellery store, Kamdaravlani.

currentMood: You have a business degree, post which you steered towards jewellery deign. How did that come about?

Meet Kamdar Avlani: I have always been creatively inclined and jewellery is something I’ve been passionate about throughout my childhood. Around four years ago I decided to leave my family business and venture into the world of jewellery. That’s when I did a couple of courses from GIA and the Indian Academy of Jewellery & Design (IAJD): there’s been no looking back since!


currentMood: Tell us about your favourite design (by you) and what was the inspiration behind it?

Meet Kamdar Avlani: The Mughal Nyphaea- it’s my favourite and it’s inspired by a lotus. It took me around 2-3 months to perfect the design before I could send it for production.

currentMood: How would you describe your design aesthetic?

Meet Kamdar Avlani: I’m a relatively new designer so I don’t have a specific design aesthetic yet, I think it will take me some time to carve a niche for myself. But If I had to describe my design, I’d say it’s an amalgamation of contemporary, old world, Victorian, Edwardian and neo-futuristic styles.


currentMood: Which jewellery designers do you admire (both Indian and international)?

Meet Kamdar Avlani: Viren Bhagat for sure! His pieces are exquisite and are literally pieces of art, I’ve never gotten over them. Other designers I look up to are,  Ambaji Shinde and Cartier.

An interview with Meet Kamdar Avlani, the jewellery designer behind the eponymous brand, Kamdaravlani

currentMood: What’s the easiest and most challenging part about jewellery design?

Meet Kamdar Avlani: The easiest part would probably be designing the piece and the toughest is deciding which design to go ahead with. Since I prefer using a centre piece in my designs, finalising the style that goes around it can get a bit daunting at times.

currentMood: How long did it take you to design and create the Sinularia Durra (pink sapphire earrings)?

Meet Kamdar Avlani: I was going though a designers block and that’s when a friend of mine suggested I design something that’s inspired by corals. And that’s how the Sinularia Dura came into being. It consists of four shades of pink sapphires that took a month to design and about three to four months to produce.

An interview with Meet Kamdar Avlani, the jewellery designer behind the eponymous brand, Kamdaravlani

currentMood: According to you, which person, living or dead has the best jewellery collection/style?

Meet Kamdar Avlani: Bhagat – he’s a legend.


currentMood: What should one keep in mind while buying fine jewellery?

Meet Kamdar Avlani: Always buy jewellery certified and stamped by the designer. Also, if you’re looking at it from an investment point of view, I suggest going for pieces that are one of a kind.

Jewellery is something more than a mere object, it’s an extension of ones style and personality. Everything is in the details, the craftsmanship and the uniqueness.


currentMood: You’ve just opened an atelier in Kala Ghoda, Mumbai. What are your future plans?

Meet Kamdar Avlani: We are a boutique atelier where every piece is designed by me. So as far as future expansion plans are concerned, let’s see where my destiny leads me!

Images courtesy: KamdarAvlani – @kamdaravlani

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