6 Tips On Creating The Perfect Home Workstation: Ashiesh Shah

6 Tips On Creating The Perfect Home Workstation: Ashiesh Shah


Ashiesh Shah tells us what we should keep in mind while setting up a home office.

Coronavirus has changed the way we socialise, exercise, cook and work. In these uncertain times all we can do is practise physical distancing, wash our hands and accept reality for what it is: HouseParty calls with friends, online yoga classes, cooking with the five ingredients you have left in the kitchen and working from home (WFH) via Zoom calls with your boss.

Ashiesh Shah is an acclaimed architect and interior designer based in India who helps us navigate through one of the aspects of WFH: creating the perfect home workstation. “Here are few tips for working environments and quick changes to your surroundings that will help contain motivation and meditation whilst being home bound.”

Ashiesh Shah liminal sofa featured in currentMood magazine 1
+ The liminal sofa at the window, Atelier Ashiesh Shah, customised in marble and hand – picked upholstery

1. Keep your home office outside your bedroom: Blend in a comfortable working space into your living room . While working from home can be a challenge, isolate yourself into a comfortably textured sofa that ensures a versatile working posture. Alternatively, a dining table could work well for a focused days work. The key lies in sitting in an upright position with a working space set up whether through your laptop, notes or reference books.

Ashiesh shah lingam bench at the window featured in currentMood magazine
+ The lingam bench at the window, Atelier Ashiesh Shah, a design object, floating in perception, uncharacteristic of the quarry, a play of illusion

2. Flood your spaces with natural light: Let go of heavy window coverings and blur the lines between the exterior and the interior. A play of light, shadow and sound from beyond the facade can create a meditative working environment like none other.  

Ashiesh shah many moon at the window featured in currentMood magazine3
+ Many moon at the window, Atelier Ashiesh Shah: a take of serenity into an office display space

3. Double up your openings: A simple mirrored/reflective surface near large windows can increase your view two folds and radiate natural light. Self-isolation through vanishing thresholds is an essential while working from home.

Ashiesh shah liminal sofa working from home featured in currentmood magazine
+ The window, Atelier Ashiesh Shah with the liminal sofa, lucio wall sconce, intersect stool

4. Declutter your surroundings and your mind: The minimal way of living plays such a large role in your mental capacity to think, work and explore. While it’s easy to create assemblage of working folders, books and the like, clean up to be motivated to get back to it the next day.

Ashiesh shah working from home guidelines featuring the channapatna stools in currentMood magazine
+ The channapatna stools, at the gallery Atelier Ashiesh Shah, a therapeutic pair of perch stools

5. If a neutral palate is not for you, add a pop of colour: While a palate of whites and greys stands for a clean working environment, a pop of colour through perch stools, art and upholstery can add your quirk. But it’s important to note that less is more!

Ashiesh shah on working from home featuring the kantilo console in currentMood magazine 6
+ The kantilo console at the gallery, Atelier Ashiesh Shah, standing tall to maintain the meter’s distance between one another

6. Social isolation through temporary partitions: Not only does this help garner focus to a working environment from home but it also facilitates practicing isolation from close family members.

Image courtesy: Ashiesh Shah – @ashieshshah

Complied by: Avani Purohit – @avanipurohit

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