6 Indian Brands That Have The Perfect Stay-At-Home Uniforms: Sleepwear

6 Indian Brands That Have The Perfect Stay-At-Home Uniforms: Sleepwear

Sleepleisure is here to stay!

6 Indian Brands That Have The Perfect Stay AtHome Uniforms Sleepwear- Dandelion
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The dystopian reality we find ourselves in seems like a never-ending scene of The Twilight Zone meets the Upside Down. As days of the week have shortened into ‘yesterday, today and tomorrow,’ some of us have transitioned into working from office to wfh. While some of us are stuck in limbo.

It has been said that if you dress up for work (when you’re wfh), you will probably be better at it. But it’s 2020 and well, sleepleisure is fair game. Unless you need to get on a (work) video call cause you don’t want to pull a Will Reeve.

From Marc Jacobs Fall’13 collection to Rihanna attending the 2018 Met Gala after-party in Prada PJs, the relaxed silhouette is back, albeit it has more to do with comfort than a fashion trend this time around. It’s normal for us to gravitate towards things that comfort us right now. Binging on tv shows or food, our sudden interest in baking, practicing meditation, mindfulness and connecting with loved ones: are just some of the ways we choose to celebrate downtime. Let’s add relaxed clothing to the list, cause let’s face it, we’re done with jeans.

Scroll down below and browse through our favourite stay-at-home uniforms, aka sleepwear, that you can order online. We’d love to add Anokhi to the list but they don’t retail online!

Little West Street:

The Label Life:

The Initial Studio:

Perch Sleepwear:

The Calm Collective:

Complied by: Avani Purohit – @avanipurohit

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