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When We Were Young: Bhaane’s Nostalgic SS20 Collection

Jun 14, 2020 @ 18:38

Relive some of that 90’s minimalism and preppy charm this season.

Bhaane SS20 collection nimish shah featured in currentMood magazine 5
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While we are coming to terms with the new normal, we tend to find ourselves missing our pre-pandemic lives. Nostalgia is a coping mechanism in these uncertain times, an escape from the ‘unknown’ to the ‘known’. From going through photo albums, rewatching old tv shows and fighting the urge to hit up our exes— the past is our coronavirus security blanket. Bhaane’s SS20 collection takes us back to our teenage youth—nostalgic 90’s minimalism and some preppy charm. “A very important brand rationale for summer 2020 is to evoke nostalgia,” explains Nimish Shah, creative director of Baahne. “For this collection we were inspired by the spirit, modesty and mundane modernity of our teen years.”

“When we come out of this, we would have weathered one of the worst health & economic crisis of last century. We all have to be extremely mindful in our design, storytelling and sharpen our business acumen and individual raison d’etre. All around us, we have witnessed such resilience and strength, waves of emotion and fine learnings, people would love to reward themselves in small pulses—I feel clothes lift your spirits and consumers will look for something that syncs with their personality,” says Shah.

Scroll through Bhaane’s collection below:

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Last modified: June 16, 2020