#cMPlaylist: Curated By Paro

#cMPlaylist: Curated By Paro

Embracing the slowness of our current lives, we partnered up with Paro to create a playlist that resonates with our currentMood: stopping to smell the roses.

Though the fear and suffering caused by the novel coronavirus has affected each and every one of us—be it financially, socially or emotionally; the chaos forced us to take stock of our lives, evaluate how we’ve been living and how we want to live.

We live in a world that thrives on being “busy”- often considered a parameter of success, drive and productivity. I found it hard to take a break without feeling guilty. But was at peace when I was on holiday and didn’t check my inbox for a week. Was something wrong with me? After all, entrepreneurs are supposed to be married to their work, right? My eye had to be on the ball. All.The.Time. I am conscious that it took a global pandemic for me to realise that it’s okay to take a break from the everyday frenzy of life. It’s okay to slow down. It’s okay to pause and cherish the gift of time.

Embracing this guilt-free, albeit forced break, we partnered up with Paro (sister brand of Good Earth and Nicobar), to create a playlist that resonates with our currentMood: stopping to smell the roses.

An experiential retail model that focuses on holistic wellbeing, Paro offers apparel, jewellery, organic bed & bath linen, bodycare, skincare and ambient oils and blends, handcrafted vessels and vases, and a shanti space for workshops—it is the sum of saukhya (everything that heals, comforts and brings us peace) and shringar (a celebration of the body, five senses and beauty). According to the brand, “What we wear, surround ourselves with, all our rituals and routines impacts us physically, emotionally and mentally.”

 ‘A Journey’, reflects Paro’s ethos—an invitation to pause. For it is only when we slow down, that we can truly find the joy and discover what delights us, nourishes us and makes us radiant from within. And we begin to cherish the things we failed to value enough and realise the things we took for granted—nature, friendships, the physical touch, freedom and ourselves. It is possible to have our eye on the ball even if we end up closing our eyes for a bit.

Text: Avani Purohit – @avanipurohit

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