The Art Of Gifting: Hina Oomer-Ahmed, Founder Of Luxury Gifting Brand, Luxebox

The Art Of Gifting: Hina Oomer-Ahmed, Founder Of Luxury Gifting Brand, Luxebox

Looking to cheer someone up during these unsettling times? Hina Oomer-Ahmed shares some gifting tips.

Whenever I think of the spirit of gift giving, O.Henry’s “The Gift of the Magi” comes to mind. The story of a young husband and wife who sacrifice their prized possessions to buy each other Christmas presents. Good gifting is an art form that reveals a lot about ourselves: how generous and thoughtful we are, how we assign value to things, how close we are to others and what they mean to us.

Big or small, a diamond necklace or a box of chocolates — presents have the power to cheer us up, reinforce our love for one another and make us feel all warm and fuzzy. While social rituals of gift giving during birthdays, festivals, anniversaries is delightful, I recently discovered the joy of receiving gifts (for no specific occasion) during a pandemic. I suppose the old adage ‘it’s the thought that counts’ holds true because I received a box of mangoes and I couldn’t have been happier.

“It’s always exciting to be the recipient of a gift but with the way the world has changed today gifting has a new meaning. It means that someone is thinking of you, missing being with you and misses sharing those experiences you,” says Hina Oomer-Ahmed, founder of luxury gifting brand, Luxebox. “Gifting today is the closest you can come to a big hug. It’s just what you need to remind someone they are loved, that they deserve some pampering and a reassurance that they are special.”

Her tips on the art of gifting:

Gifting has to be relevant to a persons lifestyle. Give thought to what they enjoy e.g: beauty, fitness, exotic food plays a big role in choosing a gift

The recipient should feel like some thought has gone into the gift, it doesn’t always have to be something elaborate but is should always be thoughtful

The quality, packaging and aesthetic value should not be compromised. Women prefer softer colours and men tend to like more classic and clean lines

Receiving a gift has to be an experience, so presentation is everything

Don’t forget the handwritten note. It adds a personal touch that changes the whole sentiment of gifting

Text: Avani Purohit – @avanipurohit 

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