In Circles

In Circles

A short film that explores the infinite within the ‘O’.

a number

a letter

a shape




From the shape of the sun, the wheel, its mathematical importance, and now a mark of social distance in public spaces, circles symbolise many facets of our daily lives. ‘In Circles’ is a short film directed by Krishna Mukhi that explores this metaphysical aspect. Incorporating symbolism and surrealism, the film questions the confines of the universe. After all these years of advancement are we just running around in circles? And now that we are confined to a circle have we not progressed more than ever? So which circle are we living in? The infinite universe or a boundless abyss?


Concept and Creative Direction: Krishna Mukhi – @krishnahasleft 

Cinematography and Editing: Rajeev Britto –@rajeevbritto

Soundtrack: Wandering Sadhu by Desert Dwellers – @desert_dwellers_music



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