currentMood reflects the social consciousness of our time through creatively visual mediums. It is an independent and digital, fashion + culture magazine based in India.

Our ethos is to provide a platform for artists across fashion, art, film, music and photography. The forward thinking content aims to push and question the boundaries of society and culture.



Avani Purohit – Co-Founder
Has a Masters in fashion journalism from London College of Fashion, prior to which she worked at Harper’s Bazaar India. When Avani is not currentMood-ing, you can find her gorging on fries, travelling to some place fun or catching up on much needed sleep. Once she has her eye mask on, you had best not make a sound. sshhhhhhh!

Krishna Mukhi – Co-Founder
Krishna studied styling at London College of Fashion. She also worked at Harper’s Bazaar. In fact that’s where she and Avani became bffs. When Krishna is not currentMood-ing, she is trying to find the perfect salad, seeking solitude beyond city limits and listing to the Doors. A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, wrapped in a conundrum is this one!

Rohan Shrestha – Photography Director
Studied filmmaking from New York Film Academy and assisted Markus & Indrani. When Rohan’s not currentMood-ing, he is consumed by his varied interests. He was a relief worker during the earthquake in Nepal, plays district soccer in Mumbai and scuba dives. Ladies – meet the most interesting man in the world!