currentMood reflects the social consciousness of our time through creatively visual mediums. It is an independent and digital, fashion + culture magazine based in India.

Our ethos is to provide a platform for artists across fashion, art, film, music and photography. The forward thinking content aims to push and question the boundaries of society and culture.



Avani Purohit – Co-Founder
Has a Masters in fashion journalism from London College of Fashion, prior to which she worked at Harper’s Bazaar India. When Avani is not currentMood-ing, you can find her gorging on fries, travelling to some place fun or catching up on much needed sleep. Once she has her eyepatches on, you had best not make a sound. sshhhhhhh!

Krishna Mukhi – Co-Founder
Krishna studied styling at London College of Fashion. She also worked at Harper’s Bazaar. In fact that’s where she and Avani became bffs. When Krishna is not currentMood-ing, she is trying to find the perfect salad, seeking solitude beyond city limits and listing to the Doors. A riddle, wrapped in a mystery, wrapped in a conundrum is this one!

Rohan Shrestha – Photography Director
Studied filmmaking from New York Film Academy and assisted ‘Markus & Indrani’. When Rohan’s not currentMood-ing, he is consumed by his varied interests. He was a relief worker during the earthquake in Nepal, plays district soccer in Mumbai and scuba dives. Ladies – meet the most interesting man in the world!